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The first and most complete software for calculating the weight of the license plate before cutting for Corel Draw software

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Granes Software

A Software for calculating the weight of laser plates with the ability to receive online prices

With the advancement of technology in the domain of jewelry, the basic need for calculations for laser plaques was noticed. The Granes software for calculation the weight of laser plaques was solved this problem, and with provide the diverse services, it is possible to make gold plaque simplify


Presenting at
the Tehran International Exhibition

Golden Art Company by presenting in the International Gold and Jewelry Exhibition in Tehran during consulting with other foreign cooperators for selling Granes Software in other countries such as India, Italy and Oman. Our company was able to introduce software products to the Attorney General of the Goverment and give a general report on the state of software space provide software in the field of gold and jewelry

Active support

Granes software is a powerful product with active support during office work designed and published by Golden Art Company. Our Company with support and free installation of this product will make guarantee your work and selling. Contact us: 021-91 300 666

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Granes Weight Calculation Softwar

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